We have made an easy to use interface to IDL that allows us to do display and basic analysis and processing of our FITS and JPEG images. This IDL program, which we call BBSOFITS, is available below. Note, however, that the program cannot be used unless you have IDL Version 3.6 or later on your computer. It also requires the FITS routines of the IDL Astronomy User's Library.

The BBSOFITS Version 3.0 has a number of new features and various bug fixes, but we are interested in bug reports and suggestions for future revisions. Please contact Anders Johannesson or Scot Kleinman

BBSOFITS Version 3.0 (.zip)
BBSOFITS Version 3.0 (.tar)
BBSOFITS Version 3.0 (.tar.gz)

Screen example from BBSOFITS.

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