Preparing to Remove the Old Dome

Daily events and images of the BBSO dome replacement project.

25 October Began preparations for arrival of MFG/Ratech crew next Monday. Removed some of the cameras. Installed new webcam to image dome interior.
26 October Tarps arrived for protection of observing floor. More covering of telescopes and removal of cameras.
27 October Removed remaining filters and cameras. Removed some of the Reflectix insulation from inside dome, revealing old paint.
28 October More preparations. Removed dome shutter photoelectric guider sensor and remainder of windscreen platform. Covered telescope optical benches. Also covered optical tables in coude lab and other second floor equipment. Sealed a number of openings in the dome floor. This afternoon we heard that MFG/Ratech will be delayed a week because a project they have in Florida is taking longer than expected because of hurricane damage.
02 November Still on track for MFG/Ratech to arrive Monday. Testing has determined that the paint inside the old dome has lead in it. Therefore, after the dome is cut up and brought to shore, a special crew will have to remove or encapsulate the old paint. This will not delay the dome replacement, fortunately.
07 November The crew from Janus is setting up scaffolding to begin the removal of the old lead-based paint from parts of the inside of the dome. The paint must be removed from the places on the dome where cuts will be made. The lead-based paint on the outside of the dome was removed in 1992 after the Landers - Big Bear earthquake, but the paint remains on the inside.
08 November The crew from Janus continues to remove the old paint from the areas where cuts will be made.
10 November Additional lead-based paint removal today.
11 November MFG/Ratech has revised their schedule, and it now appears that the dome replacement work will stretch into December. We will hold off on beginning dome removal until we can obtain a variance on the winter outdoor construction ban from the county.
15 November We now expect the removal of the old dome to begin Thursday the 17th. Meanwhile work continues on the new earthshine telescope dome.
16 November The foundation for the earthshine dome is being poured today.

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