Removing the Old Dome

Daily events and images of the BBSO dome replacement project.

17 November MFG/Ratech is starting work.
An eagle came by to check out the construction.
18 November The MFG/Ratech crew is beginning to cut the dome from the inside. The cuts today will be in preparation for removing the first parts of the dome. This should happen tomorrow when the wind is expected to be lower.
19 November With the decreased wind, the MFG/Ratech crew removes the first sections of the dome. They completed removing the top layer of sections today.
21 November Removal of the old dome continues.
22 November Removed upper parts of arch girders.
23 November Today the lower part of the dome was removed. All that is left is the dome base ring. The telescopes, wrapped in plastic, are clearly visible. The end of the 10-inch has its joints and lens cap sealed but is not wrapped in the plastic.
25 November Today the dome ring was removed. The old dome is completely gone.

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