Building the New Pier

Daily events and images of the installation of the BBSO New Solar Telescope.

01 March Demolition of the old pier started today.
02 March Demolition of the old pier makes a big mess.
06 March Demolition of the old pier finished today.
15 March Holes drilled into building to attach new pier.
20 March Steel for new pier being put into place.
23 March Lifting form for new pier into place.
26 March Form for new pier in place and being reenforced. Also setting up to test new solar guider.
28 March The concrete was poured for the new pier today.
05 April The new observing floor under construction.
10 April More testing of the solar guider. Some pictures showing the mostly completed new observing floor.
13 April Started testing new H-alpha telescope today. Found that the lens we planned to use was not the lens we wanted, but we found another lens that will work better.
11 July The dome awaits the NST.

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