Telescope Structure Construction

Daily events and images of the installation of the BBSO New Solar Telescope.

January 2007 The NST polar axis assembly after welding at DFM Engineering in Longmont, Coloarado.
March 2007 The NST polar axis and fork at DFM Engineering.
June 2007 The center box section attached to the mount. Don't worry, Roy is safe. The box section is suspended from a hoist (not visible in picture).
December 2007 Sergiy testing the primary mirror actuators. We also got a look at the "big box on the wall" (declination motor control equipment).
28 January 2008 The declination drive has been installed. The declination axis moved under its own power today.
10 April 2008 The dummy primary mirror has arrived at DFM. The dummy primary will be used to make sure everything fits correctly in and around the mirror cell. The image shows the back side of the dummy mirror with the machined mounting points for the mirror supports. The real mirror has "pucks" glued to the back side to act as the mounting points.
16 April 2008 The primary mirror cover and the tower supports are under construction at DFM.
01 May 2008 The tower assembled on the center box at DFM.
21 May 2008 The mirror cell with the dummy mirror at DFM.
23 May 2008 The force actuators installed for testing on the back of the mirror cell at DFM.
15 July 2008 More images of the primary mirror cell at DFM.
10 September 2008 The telescope structure at DFM, after painting and just before packing of the telescope for shipment to BBSO. The complete telescope is too tall to fit in DFM's shop.
Additional views of the telescope structure at DFM.

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