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Tours of the observatory for the 2009 summer season have not yet been finalized. At this time no tours are scheduled.

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Panorama of Big Bear Solar Observatory, April 24, 2007.
Big Bear Solar Observatory from Big Bear Lake.
Sunset at the observatory. Big Bear Lake has 300 clear days on average.
Observatory looking from the shoreline. Only on a few days in a year there is fog on the lake.
Observatory after winter storm in Big Bear. Winter can come as early as November and last until May.
Observatory from shoreline. The observatory is located on Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is a man made reservoir at 6750 feet elevation.
Looking down the causeway that leads to the observatory.
Fall time in Big Bear.
Support facilities on shore. The observatory has several buildings on shore which provide housing and offices. During winter the observatory may get several feet of snow during a storm.
New control room. This is where the observer controls telescope pointing and ccd cameras. Real time images are displayed on the monitors for monitoring solar activity during observations.
Some of the electronic racks in the control room.
This is the main observing floor and also the back end of the 10 inch telescope. Under the white box near the middle of the picture is our videomagnetograph system.
Front end of the telescope array showing 10 inch and 26 inch telescopes. The telescope array consists of three telescopes--a 10 inch refractor, 26 inch reflector and a 8 inch refractor. The 8 inch refractor is hidden behind the 10 inch in this picture.
Back end of the 10 inch and 26 inch telescopes. Each telescope has three optical benches for experiments.
Observatory from the air.
Observatory from the air.
Lunar eclipse.

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