DATE: 20090915
OBS TIME: 16:53:46 - 19:40:42 UT
TARGET: Disk Center
OBSERVER: Abramenko, Andic
CADENCE: 15 sec
LENGTH: 514 bursts
SP RECONSTRUCTION: Yes, by Yurchyshyn
SEEING, DATA QUALITY: Seeing is moderate during first 15 min or so, after that it is much better; data are acceptable for variety of tasks; bright points area clearly seen
OPTIONS:Hinode observed DC b/w 18:13 and 18:17UT, but there is a data gap b/w 18:00 and 18:40UT

Comments by Scientist:

After Reconstruction Info:
Reconstruction info: subfield - 6; phase - 20; inter - 5; SNR - 90; images - best 30

Reconstructed Data samples:

This is a TiO image at 17:23UT