GST NIRIS 1565 nm 2021-04-20 Data Page

Quick Look Movie of the 2021-04-20 NIRIS 1.565nm Data Set. The panels are Stokes I, Q, U, and V images.

NIRIS MAG 1.56mk Data Quick Reference

NIRIS uses dual Fabry-Perot etalons that provide an 85 arcsec round field of view with an image scale of 0.083 arcsec/pixel. The primary line used by NIRIS is the Fe I 1565 nm doublet with a bandpass of 0.01 nm. More than 60 line positions are typically scanned.

The available data set includes a number of fits files containing a 4D data cube {x,y,lambda,Stokes}.

Some important FITS header keywords:

CDELT1 & CDELT2: the plate scale in arcsec/pixel
STARTWV: starting wavelength (Ang) counted from REFWV; Indicates the beginning of the scanned range
ENDWV: ending wavelength in (Ang) counted from REFWV; Indicates the end of the scanned range
REFWV: reference wavelength
LCEN: index position of the reference wavelength along NAXIS3
INCWV: increment per wavelength (step along the spectra, Ang)


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