Halo CME on 20021025 - SOHO/LASCO C3 Data

COMMENTS: The CME took off from AR 0162 at N35W10. If this CME hits the earth by its front edge, there are strong chances that it will produce an intense geomagnetic storm.

The CME missed the earth, therefore, no real measurements can be compared with the predictions.

1Numbers in red are estimates. Numbers in parenthesis (if any) are actual measured values
*These estimates should be compared to the observed 1 hour averaged ACE and Dst values

  • Real Time Dst from World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto
  • Predicted Dst from Nonlinear Dynamics and Space Physics group
  • Real Time ACE data
  • Today's Space Weather

    Full Disk Halpha Full Disk SOHO/MDI Full Disk SOHO/EIT195
    Active Region Halpha Active Region SOHO/MDI Active Region /EIT195
    BBSO Halpha and SOHO MDI/EIT images are courtesy of Active Region Monitor

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