Halo CME on 20031118 - SOHO/LASCO C3 Data

COMMENTS: This halo CME (not the bright one at the east limb) seems to have the magnetic field at the front edge directed southward. This ejecta has a potential to generate an intense storm.

Updated at 10:30PST on Nov 20: And it did! The CME-associated flare was only of M3.9 class, and it shows that we do not need a really strong (exceptional) flare to get an extreme geomagnetic storm.

1Numbers in red are estimates. Numbers in parenthesis (if any) are actual measured values
*These estimates should be compared to the observed 1 hour averaged ACE and Dst values




Full Disk Halpha

Full Disk SOHO/MDI

Full Disk SOHO/EIT195

Active Region Halpha

Active Region SOHO/MDI

Active Region /EIT195

Images are courtesy of Active Region Monitor

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